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About Me

About Eric:

After spending the last 12 years shooting fashion and portraiture in Arizona, I developed a new vision. While in the Southwest I've found the landscape and decaying architecture amazing. These places fascinate me and make great backdrop stories for my work. My love is photographing people that portray beauty and personality. Together, my  work is a union of person and environment.


I graduated from the School Of Photography at Orange Coast College in 1986. I was exhibiting, winning awards and being published back in those days of film.


I finished my Character Traits Series with model/actress Bobbi Jeen Olson in 2019. They are fictitious studies of  individual characters I developed to create a story within a scene I photographed prior. I compare them to a country song in a photograph. My impromptu self portrait on this page with Bobbi is from one of its shoots. My intention is to make the series into an Art Book.

In 2020, I submitted 4 photos to "The Wild Bunch Film Festival". They have a Best Western Photography category. I'm excited to give it a try.


Continuing my work with my decayed Southwest photography, I am repurposing some of my shoots with Bobbi Jeen Olson in a new series called "Ghost Towns". The idea is portraits of a person dressed in context of a vibrant place but the place is long gone. The person is dressed in memory located in reality.